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Installation Instructions

Rusty's Custom Upholstery & Marine Seating cushion and pocket installation instructions

Installation Is A Snap!

See below for our easy installation instructions

All you need to install our snap on cushions and Snap Cooler Pockets™ is a marker and a phillips screwdriver.

Cooler cushion installation is simple and can be done in just a few easy steps.

First, line your cooler cushion up evenly with the edges of your cooler lid. Then, mark the spot where the cushion snap lines up on the cooler.

Using your phillips screwdriver screw in the self-tapping snap screw (provided with your cushion), being careful not to over tighten. Repeat this for each snap on the cushion.

That’s it! Just snap your cushion on and relax.

 cooler cushion installation instructions
As the happy owner of one of these ice chests I can attest to the comfort of the cushion. It’s not the type of cushion that your bottom sinks into and hits the ice chests. Yet, it’s not a hard cushion either… very comfortable.
Cathy - Mesa, AZ